October 11, 2006

Colloquy + weather + shoes.

Down in the comments to the "Think.Respect." post, Tim says:
Good morning! Nice weather we're having! Are those new shoes? Anyway, gotta go - I'm late for my "Think. Respect. re-education class."

Have a nice day!
I respond:
I'm sorry, Tim. I'm going to have to report you for calling attention to my shoes, which seems sexist to me. Also, I'm feeling that "Good morning! Nice weather" might be some sort of sly anti-WASP mockery.
MadisonMan responds to me:
It's also patently false.
Fenrisulven's all:
Then you get to go before some board or cmte on hate crimes and prove your innocence. When it's all over, the only thing people will recall is that you were somehow involved in some kind of despicable bigotry.
MadisonMan comes back with:
fenris, I'd go before the board and show the statement "Nice weather we're having" was made on a day in October with rain and temperatures in the 40s. And they'd all agree with me.
And I'm:
Yeah, I took your comment to be about the actual weather here this morning...
And Tim's back with:
Sucks for you all, with promises it will only get worse before the end of March. As for me, it's 52 degrees at 9:45 a.m., with an anticipated high of 82, sunny, humidity at 62% and no wind. It is beautiful.

And, not that I'm tracking this, but I don't recall Ann taking any recent photos of her shoes lately...
So I'll just say...

Here's the weather (from my office window):

Bascom Mall

And here are the shoes (against my office carpeting):



DRJ said...

Nice shoes. How do you keep them so well in all that rain?

Bleepless said...

What nice carpeting. You have a fine feminine eye for such things, I bet.
Heh, heh.

Richard Dolan said...

Looks like a Judy Garland, ruby slippers mood has taken hold over the rainbow. Which is where Wisconsin is, right?

Goesh said...

-looks like Chinese footwear if you ask me

Truly said...

Sorry, Prof. A, but that is great weather. Perfect for autumn! Doesn't it make you want to curl up with some hot apple cider and a good mystery novel.

I find too much sunshine oppressive. Summer can never end soon enough for me.

Mark the Pundit said...

I find too much sunshine oppressive

Well, it's not too late to fill out a bias incident report form!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

What color are your toenails?

Kirby Olson said...

I see something alarming in the second photograph:

I see evidence of foot-binding.

I'm not a forensic podiatrist, but I see evidence of foot-binding. Does anybody else see it?

Which brings up two irrelevant and unrelated questions:

a. what do you suggest for young lawyers to wear on their feet in their first appearance in court as a prosecuting attorney?

b. should those be different from the shoes you wear in court on your very last days as a prosecuting attorney toward the end of your career?

A whole post about footwear, lawyers, can you spot a criminal from their footwear, and stuff, would that be indicated?

Seriously, these are nice shoes. Where did you get them, and how much did they cost? Comfortable?

How did you keep them dry while going through the dreck of the outdoors?

It looks like Seattle out there! It's like that in Seattle for months at a time, sometimes six months. I loved it!

We wore rubbers over our shoes.

Well, the other kind. And you could still get them at places like the 5 n 10.

If I was about to appear in my first court date before a judge: is there a standard shoe for lawyers?

stoqboy said...

I'm hurt. I find those shoes to be disrespectful of my aesthetic, and your posting of that picture is willful harassment. Where do I download my form?

Tim said...

Well now, there you go. Be careful though - some already think your blog is a public utility.

Regardless, the rain doesn't look too heavy, like it would be nice for good five to seven mile run, just enough to keep cool. But that's probably just me.

And yes, nice shoes, although I wouldn't run in them even if I could. However,their color certainly offsets the general gloom most feel with overcast and rainy days. It seems to me most folks clothing gets darker and more colorful as the seasons get darker, and paler and more drab as the seasons get brighter, with the exception of swimsuits and flip flops...

Ann Althouse said...

" what do you suggest for young lawyers to wear on their feet in their first appearance in court as a prosecuting attorney?"

Here's a fashion tip from a real-life prosecutor.

Ron said...

Ann, it looks like you stole Mario Batali's clogs! The socks make it clear you are covert operative for the Iowa Hawkeyes, so appropriate Badger football staff have been notified so your gameplan stealing plans will be thwarted!

Ann Althouse said...

"What color are your toenails?"

Quarter of a Cent-Cherry.

Ann Althouse said...

"Seriously, these are nice shoes. Where did you get them, and how much did they cost? Comfortable?"

I got them here.

The brand is Arche, the official shoes of the Althouse blog. They're comfortable, expensive, and French. This style might not still be available, but you can browse for other styles here.

Ann Althouse said...

The socks are also Arche socks. I can't say enough about how great Arche socks are. Whenever I'm in a city with an Arche store, I buy two pairs of shoes and 20 pairs of socks.

Bruce Hayden said...

Ann's referall to a dress code was to a naked attorney caught on a security camera. I don't know though how that would translate into indecent exposure, as no one seems to have actually seen him in person in this condition. But, he is apparently handicapped (by mental illness), so it is apparently ok.

But getting back to attorney dress code. These shoes might work for the last day as a prosecutor, but not on the first day. Then, male or female, the problem is that of gaining respect, stature, gravitas, etc. After all, the budding prosecutor is most likely 24-25 years old, and often looks it. Twenty years later, with graying hair, etc., it sometimes pays to tone down the authority.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I'm glad those are socks. I thought some oompa-loompa might've been doing something hinky to your feet.

Is OPI the official nail polish brand of Althouse?

Mortimer Brezny said...

I will not make a foot fetish comment.

LarryK said...

The socks look like they could have been ripped from a styrofoam Wisconsin cheesehead. If this is so, it would be a hate crime worthy of the attention of the Think.Respect crowd - we cannot turn away while a beloved state symbol is disrespected in this way!

HaloJonesFan said...

You're wearing pants...have the anklebiters been at you?

Ann Althouse said...

OPI is just the official brand of my salon. For home use, I recommend Dior.

k said...

Are these art student shoes? On *you*, a law professor????!!

Mark the Pundit said...

As I read the comments regarding Ann's shoes, I cannot help but notice the ad with the foot stomping on the house!

Oxbay said...

When my father, who was born in 1920, was young he and his friends would, upon seeing a buxom lass, remark what nice shoes she had.

So Ann if someone is complementing you on your shoes it might be metaphorical.

Or both.

Hazy Dave said...

You forgot to cross your ankles!