July 27, 2006

Another long drive.

I see I've set myself up for another long drive today, going all the way from Moab -- I'll have more photos later -- to San Jose, via "The Loneliest Road," a drive I've done before and loved.

So be patient about seeing your comments approved again today, and feel free to talk about any news stories that come up today right here.


jau said...

So what precipitated this long long drive? Are you alone? I've often thought it would be cool to start out on Rte. 80 in NY and take it all the way to San Francisco where it ends at the Embarcadero!

David said...

It's going to get hotter where you are going!

Back to Kofi Annan, the obvious question is why he left the observers in harms way when he knew that the Hizbollah were camped virtually in the same place as his UNIFIL troops?

I can think of two reasons;

1. He sacrificed the observers in a free fire zone so he could denounce the Israelis and support the Hizbollah;
2. He is totally out of touch with the reality of war.

The UN is a major part of our problem in the Middle East.

jvgordon said...

This story about Wisconsin being the most representative state is begging for a proper Althouse treatment: http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/07/27/mg.thu/index.html.

dearieme said...

How much drinking water do you carry in your car when travelling through arid areas in summer?

XWL said...

Evidently, you do know the way.

(la la, la, la, la la, la, la, la laaaaaah)

(how many different versions of this quip are waiting to be approved?)

And did you stop at the Little A'Le'Inn?

(most likely not, a little too far south, probably)

Another song plays in my head when comparing you to your co-panelist at the BlogHer conference.

Ought to be interesting, anyway.

And Sunday you could check out the San Jose Grand Prix (been to the Long Beach one, loud, crowded, fun)

Peter Patau said...

Wow! You sure know how to schedule your trips out of town. You’ve probably heard about our flash floods on a day when it wasn’t even supposed to rain.

I include this link to my post about today’s NYT story re: art in the classroom (and Arshile Gorky) making students smarter because it’s the sort of thing you would have picked up on if you had the time and weren’t on the road.

Enjoying your journey vicariously. Keep the photos coming.

Anonymous said...

Quite the rainfall in Madison today as well as Waukesha where I live.

Unknown said...


Goodness gracious. I can see one 1000 mile leg on a trip (barely), but two? In the space of a few days? And your route from Moab to San Jose, beautiful but certainly not 75 mph.

I'd quit in Carson, City.

Troy said...

Welcome to CA

Senescent Wasp said...

I simply love to drive Hwy. 50 in a long legged car. And, yours fits the bill. About a week after the invention of the wheel and when Nevada had no speed limits outside of towns, I drove a race prepped but street legal ground shaker out of the mountains, through Austin NV and then opened it up on the flats with my equally strapped in passenger doing the twin stop watch thing.

We drove miles, seldom below 120 mph, never seeing another car with the exception of the lone Nevada Highway Patrolman, leaning against his car on a T road who watched us go past at 142 measured miles per hour. He waved.

It's not the The Loneliest Road in America it's the best road, unbelievable scenery and the closest thing to autobahn speeds in America.

Why, Ann, do I feel that your right foot may be a tad heavy?

somross2 said...

It is dry where you are but really wet in Madison - my son just told me about people being told to leave some apartment buildings with underground apartments and about helping to push cars out of flooded parking lots.

XWL said...

I guess I'm the only freak who likes Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick, oh well.

Hope you slept well (after 16 hours on the road, how could you not?), enjoy the conference.

(I'm assuming you'll be reading and approving this comment sometime Friday morning or afternoon)

If you aren't going into the conference today, are you at all tempted by the latest Woody picture?

(Somehow seeing pictures solo in a strange city, is more fun than seeing a picture solo at home, can't explain, but I know it's true for me)

And some other Californian beat me to it, but I'll also say it also,

Welcome to the Golden State!

MadisonMan said...

I also heard that Kendall Avenue was closed off for a while yesterday because so much debris washed down from higher up. 4" in one hour will do that.

Here are some pictures. Most of the damage was along Randall between Dayton and Regent.