December 31, 2005

Article III Groupie goes to Washington.

Article III Groupie -- AKA David Lat -- of Underneath Their Robes, is leaving his job at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Newark. He sent out email to the office yesterday saying he was going to Washington, D.C. and "You'll be hearing from me more." He was not forced out of his job -- according to the article -- though, of course, he was forced to closed down his incredibly cool blog after he revealed his identity. So what is he going to do in Washington? Something that taps his amazing creativity? I hope!


stealthlawprof said...

If he shows up doing PR work in Roberts's office, we will know that the new Chief is even cooler than predicted.

brylin said...

The original article from seems to have disappeared.

But best of luck to David Lat, if indeed he is leaving Newark. (Anyone leaving Newark is lucky, right?)

Seriously, it was a great website, intelligent, witty, etc. Mr. Lat will probably be grabbed up by some high-powered firm where his considerable skills will make him lots of money.