November 16, 2005

Martha's "Apprentice."

Did you watch Martha's "Apprentice" show tonight? There's so much more emotional dysfunction among the contestants on this show than on Donald's. Everyone seems to be scheming to bring someone down, and they conspire and gang up on the one they perceive as weak. I loved the way that played out tonight, especially the scene where Jim gave Marcela a talking to. That was one of my all-time favorite "Apprentice" scenes. Jim kind of rules, don't you think. Oh, and Amanda crying? We laughed a lot chez Althouse at that. Spoil away in the comments.


Mark the Pundit said...

I missed Martha, but South Park was another classic episode.

Come out of the closet, Tom! You are not fooling anybody!

Yes, it had to do with Scientology. And, I might add, this season has been one of the best to date.

vbspurs said...


I think I cracked why you like shows like The Apprentice, Martha and Donald both.

You like the dynamics of group interaction -- which is a big "well duh" considering that is obvious to anyone who has read your blog.

Mark quoted South Park:

Come out of the closet, Tom! You are not fooling anybody!

Yes! They've gone from making fun of Barbra to Tom, oh hooray.

And speaking of classics, confession time:

I have recently started to watch "The Family Guy", which at first I LOATHED.

(It's guy-humour, to the nth degree)

But a friend hooked me, and now almost every episode, Stewie has me rolling in the aisles.

Please tell me I'm not the only one on Althouse who watches and likes The Family Guy?


Paul said...

I can't, Victoria. Never saw it, so I might like it.
Anyone else?

OddD said...

I didn't like "Family Guy" at first either, Victoria. It did grow on me after a while. The new shows aren't quite up to the originals but I'm optimistic.

As for "South Park", haven't seen the new episode but it wouldn't be the first Scientology episode they've done. Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist. I consider it a credit to everyone that they can poke fun and still work together.

XWL said...

I enjoy watching the repeats of Family Guy, the new shows, not so much.

The latest batch suffers from overreach, I think.

South Park on the other hand, another amazing night of comedy.

R.Kelly, Scientology, Cruise, and Travolta all lambasted, plus the joke credits after saying 'go ahead sue me', classic.

Light years ahead of the new Boondocks cartoon that's getting the big push at the moment, both episodes so far have been stridently unfunny.

And since we seem to be on the subject of comedy shows, Everybody Hates Chris has been warm, funny and well observed, and Arrested Development, R.I.P..

Paul said...

I also loved Jim's coaching of Marcela. He was right on, and she needed it. Her attitude changed a lot after that. I think if Jim didn't have that nutso-maniac side, he just might go all the way. From the previews after last night's episode, however, it looks like they're hinting he's the next to go home.

As for "Family Guy", I can't stand it - it's flat unfunny.

Pete said...

Hello? Ann's Apprentice-blogging here. My favorite topic. Let's stay focused, people.

Yes, indeedy, I watched last night, and thoroughly enjoyed Amanda getting fired. I think Marcella's a cutie and while I don't go in for her identity politics for being there - the Mexican Martha Stewart, indeed! - I think she made a pursuasive argument for staying. She may not be chosen but she's proven why she's made it this far.

And, grrr, that Jim. I'll have to keep replaying his earlier antics to remind why I dislike him. The nerve of him doing the decent thing and giving Marcella that much-needed pep talk. I'd better not start liking him, no sir.

Thanks for the indulgence, Ann. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Jim has been advertised as "The Male Omorosa" and I dislike him as I am required. He's brash, cocky, overly-nervous and mean-spirited. [Althouse voice: is it just shrediting?] I just don't think he'll fit in to Martha Stuart Omnimedia. [Gosh! How many times can they say that full name each episode? It should be a drinking game...only a sip it it's just 'MSO']

Victoria: I own the DVDs of "Family Guy" AND "The Freakin' Sweet Collection." I ostensibly bought them as a gift for my husband.

Ann Althouse said...

Ruth Anne: But did you see last night's show? When he told Marcela how to stand up to those jerks she had to work with, I loved him. Or do you think it's all a scheme to eliminate tough competitors, and he knows Marcela is too weak to make it to the end?

Irene Done said...

I haven't seen all the Martha episodes and don't know the contests' complete histories. But Jim is not pure evil. Last week, this became obvious (but only briefly) when he stepped in at the last minute (team player!) on QVC. He was the one who made the emotional connection (he's a Dad! how sweet!) with the viewers. His pep talk with Marcella was both genuine and strategic -- because he is a mix of those same qualities.

One thing funnier than Amanda crying: Martha wishing her well in her garden. That was such a lame thing for Amanda to bring up as evidence of her own passion and it was just cruel of Martha to mention it again.

BoneUSA said...

I'd like to think Jim showed us a better side, just to restore some faith in humanity, but it does seem like he's just continuing with his strategy of exploiting chances to eliminate stronger players (that bit last week with Jim getting Bethenny to mention Dawna's problems even after she had been sent back up to the loft).

Marcella let the teammates dump on her performance way too much. It looked her idea with the chef got tons of people into the store, but her teammates didn't try to sell to them once they were in.

Tim Sisk said...

Jim somewhat redeemed himself in the episdoe.

That is unless you consider that his helping Marcella is a calculated ploy to keep his competition weak and the strong fired.

I'm not saying Amanda didn't need to be fired. Surely she isn't the person Martha is looking for as an apprentice. Martha pretty much said as much when she started the whole thread to Amanda: "Why are you here? What do you want? What is your passion?" (As Irene Done said, it was lame for Amanda to talk about her "garden" and wicked for Martha to write about it in her note).

But Jim clearly would rather compete against Marcella than Amanda.

JodyTresidder said...

Ah, but Martha was clearly itching to bring down Amanda by several pegs after the latter also made her suicidal why-you-should-hire-me speech along the lines of: "You see, nobody wants a completely perfect role model on TV". (Er, that WAS kind of the brilliant basis of Martha's entire empire, Amanda!).

Prize for best editing belongs to the close-up of Amanda's murderous expression when Marcella insisted "God" was personally involved in Marcella being on the show.

And please may I never again hear last night's flakey catchphrase: "Celebrity Pastry Chef".

olivia1 said...

About halfway into the show, I said to my husband that I suspected it was going to be Amanda who was chosen to leave. Even though Marcella seemed wimpy and ineffective (decent enough reasons for dismissal), the editing revealed (or made) Amanda much more unattractive as a team player. In fact, she truly did borderline sabotage her team's chance for success. I found her calculating and cold hearted willingness to let Marcella sink without throwing a life ring to be disturbing and I certainly wouldn't want her working for me in a team environment.

Glenn Howes said...

If this had been the Trump Apprentice, he'd have focused on the actual reason they lost so badly: the insane twice MSRP price point for the coffee maker.

Martha's Apprentice seems to be about who can get along. Trump's Apprentice is more about profit. The theme songs say it all "For the Love of Money" versus "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Professor A: I confess, I only half-watched the show last night and missed Jim's pep-talk. But I remember him in the beginning seeing this as a match-up between him and Marcella and that his track record was to beat HER. Did he give her the pep-talk AFTER he won? How big of him! It cost him nothing to be magnanimous then. He's a conniver on the order of Richard Hatch of the original Survivor. I think a poison pen letter is in the offing for him.

vbspurs said...

Victoria: I own the DVDs of "Family Guy" AND "The Freakin' Sweet Collection." I ostensibly bought them as a gift for my husband.

Since I've already mini-jacked the thread, allow me to congratulate you on your purchase of the FG DVD. I am JUST about to, and d/l FG ringtones for my new Nokia mobile. Is it me, or is Peter the new Archie Bunker?

Either way, like Paul Worthington, a mere two months ago, I thought FG was the WORST, most UNFUNNY animated series I had ever seen. I LOATHED it.

I didn't change, certainly not my humour. Nor did the series.

So the only conclusion I have is, you have to give things a chance to let them grow on you.


Undercover Christian said...

I loved this episode. Jim has won me over. I disliked him intensely at the beginning of the season, but I had already started coming around before last night. I think he's repeatedly proved himself to be highly competent despite his nuttiness. Last night was the clincher.

I don't think it was a ploy to keep weaker competitors around. I think he saw people ganging up on Marcela, and he didn't think it was right, so he said something to her. He gave the perfect pep talk, and I think Marcela would have been fired if he hadn't done that.

At our house we cheered when Marcela survived.

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