October 13, 2005

Audible Althouse, #11.

Hey, a new podcast! This time with theme music -- written by John Cohen, Brit Rice, and John Matlack, and performed by John Cohen (my son, John Althouse Cohen) and Brit. Per John:
John, Brit, and I composed the music together. (We had written a complete song, with different lyrics; then I fit your lyrics to the chorus of that song.)

Guitar and bass: me.

Vocals: me and Brit. (It's 3-part harmony with Brit singing 2 of the parts.)

Shaker (Ibuprofen bottle emptied out and filled with rice) by Brit.

Snapping by me and Lucas Etten.

Produced by Lucas Etten in his apartment.
Here's Johnny Matlack's website. He's a drummer and songwriter who's in Nashville, Tennessee now, but used to be here in Madison.

Anyway, the new podcast is about 37 minutes long. You can comment on it here. Topics: mellowing on Miers, writing an op-ed for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, cameras in the Supreme Court, "strict constructionism," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," hostile lawyer jokes, Harold Pinter's grim stories, how much people don't like Congress, the sex holidays, and how disturbed all my readers are about women who seek artificial insemination to become single mothers.

UPDATE: The theme music is copyright 2005, Tin Whisper Media Group. Also, Brit has a band called Polydream, which is making a recording called "A Rigid Shard of Balance." And he plays drums and percussion with Lucas Cates, who has a record, "Contradictory," due out in February under Popbomb Records. Look for both Polydream and Lucas Cates to tour. Brit has also remixed Star Wars music for Star Wars conventions.


Lawrence said...

Great theme music. The podcast is beginning to sound like you have a whole production team there!

Paul said...

Now you need a sidekick in the Ed McMahon mold with a Here's Annnnnn!! intro and a Hi-Yo! or You are right, Ma'am! now and then.
Really, you've got the best podcast out there that I've run across. You may be the first with a theme song, certainly with the best singers.
This one was pretty mellow as if you still had Donovan in mind and/or a glass of wine in you.

Ron said...

Guitar and bass: me

All hail the axe-wielding lawprof!

Meade said...

She ain't gonna work on the tenure committee's farm no more. Right Wing Ann has gone... wait for it... electric!
And the blogosphere will never be the same.

Ann Althouse said...

We don't understand block quotes anymore?

Ann Althouse said...

Verification word: CCSTV. A TV station, but for what?

Meade said...

Carbon CopieS ?

leeontheroad said...

I liked the theme music!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I like their theme. But this kept running through my head [see if you can discern the tune]

(Audible) Althouse is a bloggy, bloggy, bloggy podcast.
With 2 bats in the yard.
The squirrels walk so hard.
But everything is mellowed 'cause I blog.

I think you should do a reverse post about being a "link whore". Many possibilities--golf...[how's your nephew doing these days anyway?]...Mod squad...Waffle House maven.

Meade said...

Help me I think I've fallen
in love with Ruth Ann Adams too fast

Ruth Anne Adams said...

You made me laugh so hard I snorted! [P.S. I'll add your second "e" if you add my first one!]

Word verification: xxeex. The exact same sound I made reading lmeade's post!

Meade said...

Ruth Anne Adams: Your parody was delightful. Clearly, it had me so flustered I couldn't type straight. Here's your e back. Thanks for the loan.