September 13, 2005

Katrina quotes.

Last night, I read an About columnist's list of "25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes About Hurricane Katrina And Its Aftermath" (via Throwing Things). Funny that the blog that openly calls itself Right Wing News has a much more varied selection of quotes. One quote that makes both lists is the astoundingly bad "this is working very well for them" that came out of former First Lady Barbara Bush.


Elizabeth said...

Those are both good lists; the RWN blog includes more celebs and minor news folks, and the About list focused more on the political types. It was excellent to see Steven Sailer on the RWN list. I hope we never see him cited as a credible authority again.

Ampersand said...

I'm not sure what "much more varied" means in this context. The "About" columnist has two quotes from a Democrat (both stupid things said by Mary Landrau); the Right Wing News has two quotes from conservatives (four quotes if you count L. Farrakhan as a "conservative," but I doubt the Right Wing News blogger considers himself conservative).

I guess you mean that the Right Wing News list includes more stupid quotes from some bloggers no one ever's heard of. That is a form of variety, but I think it's more entertaining when people who are actually well-known and important say stupid things. :-)

Ampersand said...

Er... that should have said "I doubt the Right Wing News blogger considers Farrakhan conservative."

Actually, it's hard to say where Farrakhan fits in. He's definitely with the extreme left on racial politics, but he's with the extreme right on gender and anti-gay politics.

Ann Althouse said...

Ampersand: I didn't see the Landrieu one (two?), but the About list was heavily concentrated on the federal government. I think Blanco especially deserves a hit, but also Nagin. It just makes no sense to leave them out unless you're trying to be nice to them.

Ampersand said...

If the standard of "much more varied" is federal/local, then you're mistaken to say the Right Wing News list is more varied - it doesn't quote even one federal official. To paraphrase you, "It just makes no sense to leave them out unless you're trying to be nice to them."

The "About" list did include one quote from Nagin, in the postscript section. But one reason, beside "just liking them," for not including many quotes from local officials is that they didn't say many quotable stupid things - certainly nothing that ranks up there with Barbara Bush's apalling comment.

I'm not defending them - it's clear that the local leaders acted terribly. But just because they did awful jobs doesn't mean that they produced an equivilent number of quotable quotes.

Ann Althouse said...

Good. I'm glad some postscript stuff was added. It really is funnier when you spread the criticism around. I mostly looked at the first page, I'll admit. I think the effort to spread it around should have appeared from the beginning.