September 30, 2005

"The Apprentice": Round 2.

After the second week of comparing Donald and Martha, what do you think? Last night, I took the pro-Donald position, pointing out perfect meld of dramatic photography, pounding music, and oppressive taskmaster. Chris said all those things have been the same for years and it's gotten old. He took the pro-Martha position. Donald's show had Lamborghinis. Martha's had flowers. Donald's was another ad campaign. Martha's was another sell-a-thon. Maybe it's all gotten old.

Both shows featured a wacky, hyper guy. In both cases, a more somber project manager got axed so the trickster could go on to make trouble another week. The format now relies on the Omarosas and Sams. Trump even made a lame reference to Omarosa on last night's show. Oooh, he said Omarosa! Maybe someone will behave badly tonight!

Is "The Apprentice" in its final phase, emphasizing jokers over competence?


Wasteland Fan said...

Is "The Apprentice" in its final phase, emphasizing jokers over competence?

Um, yes.

Ron said...

Will the Rock prevail in the steel cage? Or will Hulk-a-mania triumph?

You mean is it now something like this? [shakes cosmic 8-ball]

"All signs point to yes."

me said...

The reason the competent guy got axed is that he didn't listen. Trump said that Marcus wasn't the problem. Marcus is incredibly annoying so he will never make it the full round. The dude that got axed should have understood that Marcus can go at any time. Why was there a need to get rid of him this week. Keep him in your pocket.

The bigger problem with the Apprentice is that they have run out of ideas for the competitions. It is the same tired ideas over and over again.

ziemer said...

saw martha, but not trump of course.

i totally disagreed with the decision to let the obnoxious (that's such an understatement) jim stay on, and axe the ineffectual project manager.

but the show is still awesome.

EddieP said...

Trump was over after the first season. I enjoyed that, but became bored during #2. The sexy women were great, but not enough to keep me awake for long. Haven't watched this season, and I haven't given Martha a chance at all.

West Coast Independent said...

I find both shows interesting especially when you contrast them to Survivor. In Martha’s show the creative type, Matchsticks, again fell apart performing their tasks. Ann you made a very astute observation in your Dylan is a rightist thread regarding the inability of great artists to work in a group. Matchsticks prove this in spades. These people are used to being the King/Queen of the heap and telling others what to do. They don’t put aside their egos and other direction.

The apprentice is a different contest than Survivor. Using tactics that are effective in Survivor won’t enable you to succeed in the Apprentice. Jim’s nasty behavior and attempts run Dawn off the show destroyed his own chance to become Martha’s apprentice. Who would want to work with or for him?

What I enjoy about the apprentice is that it lifts the lid on business activity. My thirteen year-old son and I watch both Martha and Donald. So many life lessons are in those shows. Last week showed how deadly alienating your fellow team members can be to one’s career. This week both shows demonstrated that the team leader is ultimately responsible for the performance of the team and the leader must keep his or her head clear.

And yes, Jim and Markus are extremely useful to Martha and Donald as tests for future project managers.

While the shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea. My family enjoys watching them.

PatCA said...

I watched Martha, being a lifestyle person rather than a business person, and was horrified at the behaviour of the creatives. Um, creative or just plain crazy? Last week we had a martinet as PM and this week a weak weepy guy. The other crazy guy fakes it like he's planning strategy yet seems a bit unhinged.

Martha clearly didn't know what to do or how to handle them and she and Alexis looked like they wanted to dive under the table for cover. How soon before we have physical violence? I can't watch it anymore.

Karl said...

I lived next door to Rebecca during college and I knew the show had hit rock bottom when I saw that she was on it. She's a total drama queen, who I see has already become the center attention with what looks to be a broken ankle. She's like Omarosa, but she can't even act.

JSU said...

Martha: I've given up. Pale imitation. Jim is a sad, sad joke who would've been laughed off any of the Trump editions.

Trump: After last week's boardroom, no surprise that the men's team would lose the next few rounds because of its dominance by testosterone-choked jerks. (Is this the sort of guy Trump handpicked?)

None of the 'fire Marcus this week' men have a chance. That leaves Randal and at least one of the others. --Remember that Kendra distinguished herself early by refusing to join the blame-clique of the week.