June 10, 2005

Lake Mendota at sunset.

After a nice dinner at Crave, we walked down to the Memorial Union Terrace and watched the sun set.

Lake Mendota at sunset

Lake Mendota at sunset


Mr. I said...

Oh, Memorial Union Terrace, I miss you.

Anthony said...

Ditto on missing the Terrace.

Two stories about the Terrace:

1) We watched a big ol' thunderstorm cell come across Mendota one evening. That was cool, expecially when a tour boat tried to get out of the way of it and ended up running into another boat.

2) My human skeletal anatomy prof -- I won't mention any names, but his initials are KEN BENNETT -- gave us weekly bone quizzes where you try to identify the bone, side, landmarks, etc. from fragments. He never did tell us whether we were having a final bone quiz and the skinny was from the last year's class that he didn't then. So we showed up during our scheduled Final time and he gave us all these completely anonymous, idiotic scraps of bone to ID. Of course, we were all sitting there stupefied. He let us squirm for a couple of minutes and then said "Aw, hell, d y'all just wanna bag this and go down to the Union and drink some beer?"

Turned out he'd just taken some stupid hunks of bone and made random marks on them; plus he'd already turned in the grades two days before. Luckily for him he bought all the beer.

in_the_middle said...

if you turn your camera the other way, most of my madison experience was just one dock over, at the SAE house.

this photo reminded me of sittin around, not wanting the sun to go down, drinking the beer in the giant wax cups that you'd buy with your pitcher and try to finish it before the bottom fell out.

(a more common experience at the ice arena beer garden between badger hockey periods!)

thanks for the moment. holy crap that was almost 18 years ago... yipes!

William said...
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